We have a primary focus in high end residential design.

Castley McCrimmon provides a complete service, from initial engagement to the champagne celebration on the handover of your new project.

We have a primary focus in high end residential design.


With a primary focus in high end residential design, our projects range from new builds and renovations to multi residential developments. Our team oversees each project through every stage, guiding our clients through the entire process from concept design to the completion of the works. This complete and thorough process ensures that each project is delivered to the highest quality and importantly delivered to represent the approved design intent.


Whilst we still use traditional methods such as free hand sketching and model making, our studio has great expertise in Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. This software allows us to draw in 2D and 3D concurrently, meaning that we can visualise proposed spaces for our clients with relative ease and clearly communicate design ideas throughout all stages of the design and development process.

Further to BIM software, our team uses an advanced program called Enscape, which enables real time rendering and building fly throughs. This powerful tool allows our clients to experience the spaces we have designed for them well prior to construction, removing the need to imagine how things will look and feel at a very early stage of the process


Client Briefing + Concept Design

As a design-driven studio, this is the most important stage of the project. It is this stage where the client’s brief is established and ultimately where a project comes to life. With a collaborative approach, we reach a resolution which allows the client to have a clear understanding of the building’s spatial planning and flow and the building’s aesthetics. Whilst we always start the process using traditional methods of communication, such as hand sketching and model making, by the end of the design process we will use 3D technology which allows our client to walk through their future home digitally. This is a really rewarding process and gives our clients assurance prior to moving to the next stage.

Should town planning be required a detailed planning application for the project will be submitted to the local governing body for approval.

Design Development

It is in design development where we make allowance for the technical and functional requirements of the approved building design from inside to out.
We focus on each element of the building to make improvements and development across the board. This occurs with input from secondary consultants and a further detailed design process with the client.

This development of the design ensures that everything promised during the design stage is achievable moving forward.

Contract Documentation

Driven by high quality built outcomes, we pride ourselves on our documentation. With a sound understanding of construction methods and great technical competency, we provide thorough documentation drawings which ultimately allow the finished building to represent the design intent.

We have a passion for developing details for the building generally, especially for the unique design elements which make each project what it is.

We are of the belief that a thorough and detailed drawing package is the only way to clearly communicate our design ideas which in turn sees them being built as intended. The drawing packages main intent is to communicate, and the more thorough the drawings are the clearer they communicate. This gives builders the greatest opportunity to price and build the project as intended which makes for a smoother construction process.

Beyond the pricing process, the drawings will form part of the building contract documents. The contracts for the majority of our projects are a fixed price contract, this simply means that what has been drawn has been priced and will be built, and minimises unforeseen additional costs.


Subject to the pricing methodology, Castley McCrimmon will issue all documentation to the selected builders for pricing of the project. Tenders are received and submitted to the client for review. We assist the client by providing advice and support to ensure the price, timeframe and allocation of costs for the proposed design meets the expectations of all parties.

Contract Administration

To complete the process, we offer a Contract Administration service which is carried out throughout the duration of the building contract. It is in this process that we, as the engaged architect, will make inspections sufficient to determine whether the works are generally in accordance with the Contract Documents. This ultimately aims to ensure that all the client’s needs and requirements are realised as intended.